Who is this course for?

Join WAI for a wire industry introduction

New to the industry? Need to come up to speed in a hurry? Or are you unclear about the many wire processing terms you've heard?

Yes? Then this concentrated introductory course is for you. It provides a solid grounding in the essentials of wire and cable manufacturing presented by experts in the field. It's WAI's most popular training program and refresher course for new hires, sales teams, and operations personnel.


13 Course Topics

Basics of Electrical Testing
Cleaning and Coating of Rod & Wire
Drawing Dies
Ferrous Heat Treatment
Ferrous Metallurgy
Marking & Printing
Mechanics of Wiredrawing
Stranding Cable
Testing & Properties
Used Machinery
Wire Breaks & Surface Damage
Wiredrawing Lubricants

13 Instructors

Anand Bhagwat
Peter M. Blackford
Kevin Dancy
C. Richard Gordon 
Doug Grover
David Gzesh
Huck Hyde
Neil Lowdon
Erik A. Macs
Stacy Martin 
Tom Maxwell 
Horace Pops 
Matt Reinoehl

3 Tracks

Ferrous Track
General Track
Nonferrous/Exectrical Track