Zach McAfee

Cold Forming Segment Key Account Manager at Chemetall North America

Presenter Bio

Zach McAfee is a Cold Forming Segment Key Account Manager with Chemetall North America. He has spent his career focusing on the balance between engineering and chemistry as a system. He has professional experience with industrial processes and machinery, metal working, chemical blending and formulation, and practical experience with lubricant technology including engine oils, gear oils, metal working fluids, and metal forming lubricants. His diverse 20 years’ experience includes hands on welding, fabrication, and machinery as well as industrial process engineering, and Research and Development.

With a current focus on cold forming technology, he works with clients to ensure trouble-free operation of wire mills, tube mills, and extrusion plants. As a subject matter expert, he provides focus that will assist clients with cold forming operations to ultimately increase quality, yield, and throughput while decreasing energy use, total cost, downtime, and cycle time. He holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Presenter's Sessions

Cleaning and Coating of Rod and Wire Fundamentals - Ferrous Track

11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Zoom Meeting