Event Schedule

*Subject to change

Time Session Name Track Speaker
8:30am Mechanics of Wiredrawing General Frank Kraft
9:15am Dies General Joao Noroña
10:15am Lubrication in Wiredrawing General Brad Andrews
11:00am Wire Breaks & Surface Damage General Horace Pops
12:00pm Lunch    
1:00pm Fundamentals of Ferrous Metallurgy Ferrous Anand Bhagwat
1:00pm Stranding and Cabling Nonferrous  
1:45pm Cleaning and Coating of Rod and Wire Ferrous Jack McAfee and Neil Lowdon
1:45pm Extrusion Nonferrous Erik Macs
2:45pm Ferrous Testing and Properties Ferrous C. Richard Gordon
2:45pm Fundamentals of Electrical Testing Nonferrous Peter Blackford
3:30pm Ferrous Heat Treatment Ferrous C. Richard Gordon
3:30pm Marking & Printing Nonferrous Mark Spencer